Silver on Black Embossed Plastic Mulch

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Product No. Size Thickness Roll Weight
PAPENAR534010 53" x 4000' 1.0 mil 84.8 lbs
PAPENAR364011 36" x 4000' 1.1 mil 63.4 lbs

The silver on black embossed mulch is made especially for bell peppers and artichokes crops.

  • Confuses and repels insects such as thrips, aphids, flea beetles, and white flies
  • The reflection of the UV rays on the film illuminates underneath the leaves normally in the shade
  • Eliminates weeds
  • Opaque film


  • Embossed Polyethylene Mulch Film
  • Thickness : 1 mil, 1.1 mil, 1.25 mil
  • Several widths available
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