Ultravent Insect Netting

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Product No. Dimension Mesh Weight Production type
FIINTE1,6X100-56 5,2' x 328'
1,60 m x 100 m
0.010" x 0.028"
0.25mm x 0.72mm
0.184 oz / ft2
56 gr / m2
FIINTE2,1X100-56 6,9' x 328'
2,10 m x 100 m
0.010" x 0.028"
0.25mm x 0.72mm
0.184 oz / ft2
56 gr / m2
FIINTE3,2X168-56 10,5' x 551'
3,2 m X 168 m
0,25 mm X 0,73 mm
0,0098 '' X 0,0287 ''
N A Knitted

The Ultravent® insect netting is a specially designed net for installation on the openings of heated greenhouses. Its special mesh enables exclusion of the smallest pests (bemisia, aphids…), while optimizing ventilation (+30 to 40% more air than a conventional net).The very thin yarns give a very low shading.Its use limits the pesticide quantities.

*Lifespan is approximate and conditional on storage, climate and handling conditions

** Please note that if net is placed directly on plant and there is no hoop, insects can lay eggs on the foliage in contact with the net


  • Greenhouse openings protection in warm areas, compatible with mechanical opening systems (possible insertion of cables).
  • Excludes pests from : tomato, cucumber, eggplant, flowers….
  • Lifespan: 5 seasons

Insects control
 : Aphids, Armyworm, Cabbage Root Fly, CarrotRust Fly, Chrysomelid, Corn Borer, Flea Beatles, Leafhopper, Leek Moth (Not 100%), Nymph (Not 100%), Onion Maggot, Sawfly, Seedcorn, Spotted Wing Drosophila, Squash Bug, Swede Midge (Not 100%), Tarnished Plant Bug, Twospotted Spider mite (Not 100%)

Technical features 

  • Run-resistant net with rectangular mesh, opening size 0.010" x 0.028" (250 x 720 microns)
  • Improved ventilation : crops breathe better
  • Low temperature rise
  • Controlled hygrometry

Brochure proteknet 2017 en

Brochure proteknet 2017 en
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