Proteknet Green Bird Control Netting - 40 gr

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Product No. Size Weight Packaging
FIOIVEGEN2,5X15 2,5m x 15m
8,2' x 49'
4,15 lb
1,88 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN2,5X30 2,5m x 30m
8,2' x 98'
7,05 lb
3,2 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN2,5X100 2,5m x 100m
8,2' x 328'
24,91 lb
11,3 kg
Green bag
FIOIVEGEN5X5 5m x 5m
16,4' x 16,4'
2,85 lb
1,29 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN5X15 5m x 15m
16,4' x 49'
8 lb
3,63 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN5X30 5m x 30m
16,4' x 98'
14,33 lb
6,5 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN5X100 5m x 100m
16,4' x 328'
51,37 lb
23,3 kg
Green bag
FIOIVEGEN10X10 10m x 10m
32,8' x 32,8'
10,65 lb
4,83 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN10X15 10m x 15m
32,8' x 49'
15 lb
6,8 kg
Clear plastic bag
FIOIVEGEN10X30 10m x 30m
32,8' x 98'
29,76 lb
13,5 kg
Clear palstic bag
FIOIVEGEN10X100 10m x 100m
32,8' x 328'
87,08 lb
39,5 kg
Green bag

The ProtekNet green high density polyethylene bird control net 40gr is the most effective bird control netting for a crop protection on the market. This net once fixed to a structure allows you to work underneath. The netting can also be install directly on the plants thus being more esthetic.


*Lifespan is approximate and conditional on storage, climate and handling conditions.


  • Green High Density Polyethylene Net
  • Weight: 40gr / m ²
  • U.V. Treated
  • 3/4'' Diamond Pattern
  • 2'' White strip in the middle of roll
  • Lifespan: 5 years

Caution on installation of bird netting

Caution on installation of bird netting
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