Aluminium CamLock Shank Adapter - Type E

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ICC E75-AL-config

Available in Aluminum, Brass, Polypropylene and Stainless Steel

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Product No. Diameter (in) Diameter (mm) Material Type
ICC E075-AL 3/4 19 Aluminum E
ICC E100-AL 1 25 Aluminum E
ICC E125-AL 1-1/4 32 Aluminum E
ICC E150-AL 1-1/2 38 Aluminum E
ICC E200-AL 2 51 Aluminum E
ICC E250-AL 2-1/2 63 Aluminum E
ICC E300-AL 3 76 Aluminum E
ICC E400-AL 4 102 Aluminum E
ICC E500-AL 5 127 Aluminum E
ICC E600-AL 6 152 Aluminum E

Solid CamLock fittings provide a quick-connect feature for various hoses.

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