Rivulis Brown T-Tape Layflat - Heavy Duty / Foot

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BO P288HH-025-config
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Product No. Diameter Coil Length Coil Weight PSI Pressure
BO P288HH-038 1-1/2" 300' 66.0 lb 120 psi
BO P288HH-051 2" 300' 90.2 lb 120 psi
BO P288HH-076 3" 300' 149.6 lb 120 psi
BO P288HH-102 4" 300' 220.0 lb 100 psi
BO P288HH-152 6" 150' 176.0 lb 60 psi

T-Tape Layflat hose is an excellent choice as supply manifolds or transfer lines in drip irrigation systems. Each of the T-Tape Layflat hoses are manufactured using advanced technology producing a high quality product with homogeneous construction, all in one continuous process. The result is increased longitudinal strength and the elimination of separations between the layers. And as an additional benefit, the smooth inside layer reduces friction, creating lower pressure loss in the irrigation system.

Tube :  Brown Plasticized PVC
Reinforcement :  High Tensile Textile Cords
Cover :  Red Plasticized PVC - Abrasion and Ozone resistant
Application :  Lay Flat Water Discharge designed for long lasting service in Heavy Duty applications.
Temperature range :  -10°C to +60°C (+14°F to +140°F)

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