Black Vinyl Pole Cap

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Vinyl post cap, ideal for protecting the ends of different types of posts and stakes. The cap is expansible for easy adjustment.

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Product No. Intern diameter Height Weight Use
FIPOST-DM21251.5 2.12''
(5.08 cm)
(3.8 cm)
0.04 lb
(18 gr)
For Profil Alsace P5M & Top Notch Posts
FIPOST-DM23751.5 2.375''
(6.03 cm)
(3.8 cm)
0.04 lb
(18 gr)
For Profile Alsace P5E End Post

These pole vinyl caps are perfect to protect the visible end of your poles. They are easy to install since they are expansible so to be used on diameters slightly larger than the cap’s size. 



  • To be used for nets on structure, the cap is put on top of the post
  • The cap will avoid the net to be damaged by the post
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