EZ-WIRE Polyamide Wire

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EZ-WIRE is a lift wire for vines or other plants, ideal to attach irrigation tubes on it, or hold bird netting, etc.

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Product No. Description Length Diameter Gauge Coil Weight
FILPOLY-2,5CX131 Black Polyamide Wire 40 m
2,5 mm
12,5 0,68 lb
300 gr
FILPOLY-4CX45 Black Polyamide Wire
14 m
4 mm
FILPOLY-2,5C Black Polyamide Wire 1 800 m
5 904'
2,5 mm
12,5 24 lb
10,89 kg
FILPOLY-2,5S Black Polymiade Wire 1 945 m
6 383'
2,5 mm
12,5 10,89 kg
24 lb
FILPOLY-3S Black Polymiade Wire 1 351 m
4 432'
3 mm
11 24 lb
10,89 kg
FILPOLY-3C Black Polyamide Wire 1 200 m
3 935'
3 mm
11 24 lb
10,89 kg
FILPOLY-4C Black Polyamide Wire 680 m
2 230'
4 mm
8 24,7 lb
11,2 kg

EZ-WIRE Poly Wire is a black high-tensile polyamide (PA6) monofilament with low elongation, compact cross section and high breaking strength.  The EZ-WIRE monofilament is ideal for orchards, vineyards, shade covers, netting, and fencing.  


  • High-tensile polyamide (PA6) monofilament with low elongation
  • Breaking elongation: approx. 20% to 24%
  • Support long-term temperatures:  from - 40º C (-40 ºF) to + 50º C (120 ºF) 
  • UV and Chemical Resistant
  • Lightweight and safe
  • Maintenance and corrosion free
  • Non conductive, high insulation
  • Easy installation, no springs, tensioners or rachets required to maintain tension
  • Other applications: support hail protection, greenhouses, horse fencing, etc.

At the time of installation, it is strongly suggested that the tensioning of the polyamide yarn does not exceed 3% of the total length of the row.

For example, if the row is 100 m (330 pi) long, the power up should not exceed 30 m (10 pi)


  • FILPOLY-2,2CL - Ideal to hold strawberry plants on each side (off ground production in greenhouse)
  • FILPOLY-2,5S, FILPOLY-3S - Lift wire for vines or other plants, ideal to attach on it irrigation tubes, etc.
  • FILPOLY-4S - Bearing wire for vines and bird net on structure (instead of steel wire)


      The EZ-WIRE Polyamide wire can be attached to the first anchor post by a Gripple tensioner.  The line should then be rolled out towards the opposite end of the vineyard row.  Attach a ire puller to the line, stretch 3% of row length, secure and tie to end post, then release wire puller from line. The polyamide wire will now be properly tensioned. EZ-Wire Polyamide wire can be fastened to intermediate posts with staples or other means incorporating plastic grommets. No additional equipment is required.

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