Arc 5" NetBow Irrigation Drippers


NetBow™ was developed to meet the needs of high-value irrigated crops such as blueberries and cannabis, which require unique irrigation and fertilization expertise.

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Diameter Dripping Outlets Compatible Conatiners
5" 4 2-5 Gallon

An innovative user-friendly container irrigation ring with multi-outlet emitters. Featuring Typhoon™, our superior clog resistant emitter for maximum water distribution. Specially designed for irrigating containerized crops.

Benefits & Features

  • Superior clog resistance with Netafim Typhoon™ emitter.
  • Specially designed micro-tubing with 4 evenly spaced emitters distributes water uniformly.
  • Uniform surface wetting provides optimal rootzone development.
  • Quick action installation - place ring in the container, then connect the pre-cut micro tubing.

Specs. & Recommendations

  • Compatible with 2-5 Gallon (8-20L) containers
  • Diameter: 5" in (127mm)
  • Flow Rate: 4 emitter outlets with flow of 0.53 GPH (2.0 l/h) each at 14.5 psi (1.0 bar)
  • Chemical and UV resistance for durability
  • Colored light gray for improved light reflection
  • Max. operating pressure for hub drippers - 58.0 psi (4.0 bars)
  • 5'' drip bow legs are included and already installed
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