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Ventilated clear plastic ties to support tomato, bell pepper, and other plants. The ties are used to support the plants. They are composed of a quick and easy opening.

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Product No. Diameter Units / Bag Ideal for :
FTOMCLIP550KC100 Choose this option 23 mm 100 Tomatoes Choose this option
FTOMCLIP550KC250 Choose this option 23 mm 250 Tomatoes Choose this option
FTOMCLIP550KC-P9 Choose this option 23 mm 9250 Tomatoes Choose this option
FTOMCLIP552KC100 Choose this option 25 mm 100 Tomatoes and peppers Choose this option
FTOMCLIP552KC250 Choose this option 25 mm 250 Tomatoes and peppers Choose this option
FTOMCLIP552KC-P10 Choose this option 25 mm 10 000 Tomatoes and peppers Choose this option


  • Ventilated clips to prevent rotting.
  • Quick and easy to open for installation and removal.
  • Lightweight and high quality.
  • Very strong holding power.
  • Does not slip along the string.
  • Sound click system to indicate proper fastening.
  • Saves time and labor (average of 1,400 ties per hour).
  • Eliminates the slow and potentially stem-breaking method of twisting the plant around the trellis twine to support it.
  • Improved design to minimize tomato damage: smooth edges, ventilation holes around the tie to prevent fungus formation.
  • Ribs on the sides prevent fingers from slipping and hurting when closing.
  • Available with a 23mm diameter, in different colors and biodegradable option.
  • 550kcr Made from recycled materials.

To optimize the structure of your trellis, we suggest you install about 10 to 20 clips per plant for long term growth. For short term growth, 5 to 10 clips are sufficient. In addition, to ensure an adequate distance between two ties, you should aim for about 20 cm.

Finally, to position the tie optimally, the clip should be installed under the leaf and before the tomatoes bunch.


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