About us

Agrinovation: the union of agriculture and innovation. Dubois has developed a strong reputation among growers and suppliers in the agricultural world. Our North American success can be attributed to the values we share, our knowledge, the versatility of our team and the quality of our products and of our customer service.

Integrity, respect, honesty and a genuine willingness to offer solutions perfectly adapted to each of our clients’ needs and partners are the foundations of our success.


Dubois Agrinovation is a leader in the sustainable agriculture industry in Canada and the United States. Our mission is to be your partner of choice, whether it is water management systems, physical protection against weeds or predators, tools, containers or machinery.

Thanks to active listening and a rigorous selection of quality products, Dubois Agrinovation provides you with innovative solutions perfectly adapted to your needs.

Recognized for its expertise and customer service, Dubois Agrinovation offers you an environment conducive to your success and profitability.

Together, let's cultivate your success!



Our team is always on the lookout for new ideas and market trends. We stand out by offering a constantly renewed range of unique products and customized advice.


A team that listens to you. Our goal: your satisfaction. Our desire: to constantly improve. We deliver what we promise.  


Each individual within Dubois Agrinovation plays a key role in the success of the company. It is our collective work that ensures the success of our company. What sets us apart is our level of collaboration, communication and mutual support towards a common goal. 


We are proud of our team, our customer loyalty, our efficient service and the evolution of our offer in this era of change. Our reputation precedes us and we are proud to always work together to remain unique. 


The Dubois team is disciplined, passionate, has integrity and strives for excellence. Each of us is accountable for our actions and decisions, and we always make sure we meet our commitments. 


Our concern for fairness, transparency and consideration for the people with whom we interact foster a climate of respect within Dubois Agrinovation.

Dubois Agrinovation : A new era of agriculture and innovation.

Our company started in 2004 following the acquisition and restructuration of Dubois & Fils Limitée, a company founded in 1959 and recognized as the experts in irrigation systems and products. Shortly after that in 2005, Dubois Agrinovation was created as we know it today in order to launch a new era of agriculture and innovation.

Since this turning point of our history, we worked very hard to provide our clients with a large range of products and irrigation systems, while widening our offering with plasticulture, culture protection, containers and machinery. We now also offer solutions for orchards, vineyards, greenhouses and nurseries.

Today, our solutions perfectly meet the needs of each of our clients, whether they are large agricultural companies or small scale producers or gardeners.

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