Double Tomato Hook with White Twine

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Double hook for staking with string. Used in the production of vegetables (cucumbers, peppers) and fruits (tomatoes) in greenhouses, the hook with string facilitates the staking of plants, and provides a solid support.

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Product No. Hook Size Twine Length Weight
FTOMFICCRO2,0 9.6'' x 3''
24.5 cm x 7.5 cm
32.8' + 6.6'
9.99 m + 2.01 m
0.09 lb / 41 gr
FTOMFICCRO3,0 9.6'' x 3''
24.5 cm x 7.5 cm
32.80' + 6.60'
9.99 m + 2.01 m
0.08 lb / 36.29 gr
FTOMFICCRO3,5 9.6'' x 3''
24.5 cm x 7.5 cm
32.8' + 11.5'
10 m + 3.5 m
0.0925 lb / 42 gr
FTOMFICCRO4,0 TBD 39.4 + 13.12
12 m + 4 m
0.09 lb / 41 gr

The double hook for staking with string is used in the production of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers in greenhouses... It facilitates the staking of plants, in addition to providing them with a solid support. This type of hook is very easy and quick to install, which allows a great saving of time. The string is divided into two parts on the hook, the fall (which is calculated before installation) and the reserve. The first is used immediately, while the second is used only when necessary.

The double vegetable hook with string hangs over the plants on a steel wire and is used on the descent system, which means unwinding a sufficient length of string to reach the base of the plant. To hold the string at the base of the plant, a vegetable tie is attached. As the plant grows, it is important to guide the foot of the plant along the string by wrapping the stems around it and adding more ties under the main branches. Be sure to keep the string taut by adjusting its length with the reserve, if necessary. When harvesting, you can loosen the tension by unwinding the twine, so you can more easily reach the vegetables at the base of the plant.


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