Everything for a sustainable, profitable and diversified organic farm.

With our complete range of irrigation products and market garden equipment, you have everything you need to be successful year after year, while meeting high production standards.


Everything for a sustainable, profitable and diversified organic farm.

Efficient irrigation

In addition to optimizing water use and ensuring precise, efficient watering, our irrigation solutions are customizable, automatable and help you produce to organic standards. Choose from a wide variety of products including:

  • Wobbler sprinklers for even water distribution;
  • Drip systems, irrigation cannons and hoses for maximum water savings;
  • Irrigation booms to irrigate large areas;
  • Filters, electric pumps, valves and fittings for precise control.
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Efficient irrigation

High-performance tools for ecological production

From sowing to harvesting, our market garden equipment is designed and selected to help you at every stage of your organic production.

  • Prevent the proliferation of pests and avoid the use of insecticides and pesticides with our indispensable ProtekNet insect nets.
  • Protect your crops even further with our floating covers, caterpillar tunnels, bird control hoops and cannons and trellis netting.
  • Create the ideal environment for your fruit, vegetables and herbs with our ground covers and occultation tarps.
  • Prevent trespassing with our deer fences.
  • Effectively control weeds with our weeding tools, BPI-certified compostable mulches and reusable conventional plastic mulches.


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High-performance tools for ecological production

Our commitment to organic market gardeners

Research and development are at the heart of what we do. It's our way of ensuring the success of local market gardeners. It's also why we surround ourselves with partners on the lookout for new sustainable practices and technologies, such as the Académie Potagère and the Institut jardinier-maraîcher.

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Our commitment to organic market gardeners

A family story

Our company has been growing for over 65 years, but our goal has always remained the same: to work as a team to help family farmers succeed.

One-stop shop

From large-scale farmers to home gardeners, our top-of-the-range horticultural products, tailor-made irrigation systems and turnkey solutions meet the needs of all our customers. 

At the forefront

Our team is always on the lookout for new technologies, innovations, and industry trends to offer you the best products and advice.

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