Your most beautiful fruit trees.

From planting new trees to harvesting fruit, every stage of orchard production requires meticulous work. We offer a complete range of irrigation products and arboricultural equipment to help you achieve bountiful harvests.

Your most beautiful fruit trees.

Orchard irrigation solutions

High-quality drip systems, pumps, control valves and filters... We have everything you need to provide optimal irrigation for your fruit trees and maintain your equipment. Our experts can also work with you to develop a solution tailored to your specific needs.
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Orchard irrigation solutions

Essential products

Improving the productivity of your apple, pear, peach and other fruit trees is easy with the right tools.

  • Efficiently plant and install your fruit trees with our stakes, poles, steel wires, ties and Gripple tensioners.
  • Perform precise pruning with our manual and electric pruning shears.
  • Protect your young trees and fruit from pests with our indispensable ProtekNet insect and bird netting and protective sleeves.
  • Keep your soil productive with our hard-wearing ground covers and mulches.
  • Prevent trespassing with our deer fencing.
  • And much more.
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Essential products

We know all about fruit trees

For us, quality and innovation go hand in hand. That's why we surround ourselves with industry-leading partners, including Felco, Pygar, Alpen, Profil Alsace and Gripple.


Dubois Agrinovation is an official certified repair and maintenance center for your FELCO electric tools. Let us take care of your pruning shears to extend their warranty and lifespan.

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We know all about fruit trees


A family history

Our company has been growing for over 65 years, but our goal has always remained the same: to work as a team to help family farmers succeed.

One-stop shop

From large-scale farmers to home gardeners, our top-of-the-range horticultural products, tailor-made irrigation systems and turnkey solutions meet the needs of all our customers.

At the forefront

Our team is always on the lookout for new technologies, innovations, and industry trends to offer you the best products and advice.

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