Webster Fittings

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IJ WEB-ASS1/2-config
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Product No. Parts
IJ WEB-BA1/2X3/4 Base 1/2'' x 3/4'' MPT
IJ WEB-BA3/4X3/4 Base 3/4'' x 3/4'' FPT
IJ WEB-BASE1 Base 1'' x 1'' MPT
IJ WEB-BASE1/2 Base 1/2'' x 1/2'' FPT
IJ WEB-BASE3/4 Base 3/4'' x 1'' MPT
IJ WEB-BOU1 Ball 1''
IJ WEB-BOU1/2 Ball 1/2''
IJ WEB-COL1 Collar 1''
IJ WEB-COL1/2 Collar 1/2''
IJ WEB-COL3/4 Collar 3/4''
IJ WEB-GST Gasket 1''
IJ WEB-GST-1/2 Gasket 1/2''
IJ WEB-GST-3/4 Gasket 3/4''
IJ WEB-POI1 Valve opener 1''
IJ WEB-POI1/2 Valve opener 1/2''
IJ WEB-POI3/4 Valve opener 3/4''
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