HDPE Water Pipes

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IH DR1702500-Config

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Product No. Dimension Ratio Diameter Length Max. Pressure Quote Required
IH DR1702500 DR17 2’’ 500’ 125 psi X
IH DR1703040 DR17 3'' 40' 125 psi X
IH DR1703050 DR17 3'' 50' 125 psi X
IH DR1703500 DR17 3'' 500' 125 psi X
IH DR1704040 DR17 4'' 40' 125 psi X
IH DR1704050 DR17 4'' 50' 125 psi X
IH DR1706050 DR17 6'' 50' 125 psi X
IH DR1708050 DR17 8'' 50' 125 psi X
IH DR1710050 DR17 10’’ 50' 125 psi X
IH DR1712050 DR17 12'' 50’ 125 psi X
IH DR1714050 DR17 14’’ 50’ 125 psi X
IH DR1718050 DR17 18’’ 50’ 125 psi X
IH DR2104040 DR21 4’’ 40’ 100 psi X
IH DR2104050 DR21 4’’ 50' 100 psi X
IH DR2106050 DR21 6’’ 50’ 100 psi X
IH DR2108050 DR21 8’’ 50’ 100 psi X
IH DR2110050 DR21 10’’ 50’ 100 psi X
IH DR2112050 DR21 12’’ 50’ 100 psi X
IH DR2114050 DR21 14’’ 50’ 100 psi X

HDPE water pipes are perfect for underground water circulation. Unlike PVC pipes, HDPE pipes are expansible, which brings many benefits:

  • Resistance to more powerful water hammers; 
  • No frost damage (the expansible wall expands and contracts with no breakage). 



  • Temperature: -50°C to 105°C 
  • Good flexibility 
  • No loss of water since pipe fusion is a durable process that does not degrade over time
  • Does not deteriorate when in contact with corrosive chemicals (pH from 1 to 14), stony ground or ultraviolet rays
  • Resist long-term internal pressure and external loads



  • The irrigation pipe adapts to your surroundings (slopes, obstacles, roads, etc.)
  • Ideal technology for long runs
  • Lower installation cost because it requires narrower ditches (reduced excavation) and fewer fittings
  • Low resistance to liquid flow reduces pumping and operating costs
  • Threading is available for saddle installation


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