Turf boss 3-5 HP Electric irrigation pump

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IPO NSPHE300-config

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Product No. HP Max. GPM Max. PSI Suction
Voltage Quote required
IPO NSPHE300 3 124 59 2'' 2'' 230 X
IPO NSPHE500 5 160 74 2-1/2'' 2'' 230 X

The Turf boss 3 & 5 HP Series sprinkler pump are designed for residential or light commercial installations where it is necessary to maximize the volume of water being delivered while maintaining the ability to lift water from a source up to 25 feet below the pump

Suitable For

  • Irrigation
  • Construction
  • Commercial
  • Municipal
  • Light Industrial
  • Residential
  • Water Transfer

These pumps are designed for high pressure and high capacity, these pumps cover a wide range of applications and are ideal for lawn or turf sprinkling and can also be used as a standby pump for fire protection.


  • Built-in suction check valve facilitates priming and prevents back flow or siphoning.
  • Impellers are cast iron, combining efficient operation with durable construction to allow for use in a broad range of pumping applications.
  • The mechanical seal is self-lubricating and self-adjusting for longer wear, requiring practically no maintenance.
  • The cast iron diffuser is built in all models, improving pump efficiency.
  • Standard JM Frame Motors.
  • Flow capacities up to 160 gpm
  • Handles water temperatures up to 120 °F
  • Shut-off pressures up to 74 psi.

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