Honda / Kodiak Gasoline Engine Irrigation Pump

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IPO PWP2HX-config

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General-purpose Honda Kodiak gasoline pumps  for agriculture, irrigation and water transfer over a long distance.

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Product No. Description HP Average
(U.S. GPM)
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IPO PWP2HX General purpose and transfert pump 4.0 20/158 10/50 2" 2" X
IPO PWP3HX General purpose and transfert pump 5.5 50/290 10/45 3" 3" X
IPO PWP4HX General purpose and transfert pump 8.0 50/476 10/45 4'' 4'' X
IPO PWP2SCH5050 High-pressure pump
for irrigation and sprinklers
5.5 20/106 10/70 2" 2" X

General Purpose

The Honda / Kodiak gasoline pumps for irrigation are self-priming pumps. The IPO PWP2HX, IPO PWP3HX & IPO PWP4HX models are mainly designed for general use and long distance water transfer. The IPO PWP2SCH5050 model, i.e. a high-pressure pump, is primarily designed for irrigation and spraying. These pumps can treat solids with a diameter of up to 7 mm (¼").



  • Powered by Honda® engines with Oil AlertTM feature
  • Cast aluminum pump housing
  • Cast iron impeller and volute
  • Mechanical (carbonic-ceramic) seal


    Suitable For 

    • Irrigation
    • Construction
    • Mining
    • Commercial
    • Municipal
    • Light Industrial
    • General Use 


    Specialty Purpose

    The model IPO PWP2SCH5050 is a specialty purpose pump for high-pressure applications.

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