Toolbar for Gripple anchors


This Gripple anchor toolbar is the perfect tool for proper installation of your Gripple anchors. Due to its material properties, the anchor driving post is made of treated steel, allowing it to receive and withstand the impact of the weight during installation. Indeed, to anchor the steel bar in the ground, it will be necessary to offer generous blows of mass, so that it is completely in the ground. Then, the steel post can be removed. Once the anchor is well installed and driven in.

Thereafter, the Gripple anchors will do their job to tension the wire. For an optimal use, it is important to make sure that only the ring of the wire will come out of the ground to hang on another wire outside the ground clamped to the post used for the trellising.

*Anchors with wire are not included.

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Gripple posts are available in two different sizes depending on your crop needs. The posts are available in 4 x 6 mm or 3 x 4 mm sizes with diameters that vary in proportion to the size of the posts. Once the post is used to drive the anchor, it must be removed from the ground. The Gripple anchors will do their job to tension the wire. 

For best results, make sure that only the ring of wire comes out of the ground and attaches to the post used for the trellis.

Step 1: Position the anchor on the steel post.

Step 2: Drive the anchor and post into the ground with a sledgehammer until the wire ring is the only thing sticking out of the ground.

Step 3: Remove the steel post from the ground.

Step 4: The anchor is driven into the ground and the ring is out of the ground, it is possible to proceed with the activities related to the trellising.

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