Tensioners for Metal Posts - Gripple

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Product No. Wire Diameter Max Load Weight
FTEND1 1,80 mm - 3,00 mm 880 lb / 400 kg 0,051 lb / 0,023 kg
FTEND2 3,00 mm - 4,20 mm 1 320 lb / 600 kg 0,10 lb / 0,045 kg

To attach, at the end of the line, the trellis wire to a metal post


  • Join and tension the wires
  • Easy to tension and retension
  • Up to 4 times faster than traditional knotting
  • Tension with the Gripple tensioning tool
  • Supports the load in only one channel
  • Works on steel and polyamide (EZ-Wire) wires




  • Loop the tail wire back into the blank channel for safety.

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