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The range of tensioners avoids knotting or twisting the wire and provides a joint that allows the wire to be re-tensioned year after year. The Gripple brand tensioners are adjustable and lockable with the small blue flag release key. The tensioners are compatible with all wire sizes and due to their construction, they offer optimal corrosion resistance. These fasteners offer significant time and cost savings and are easy to use and install.

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Product No. Gripple Wire Diameter (mm) Wire Diameter (SWG) Load Rating (Kg) Load Rating (lb)
FTENDSMALL Choose this option Small 1.40 - 2.00 17 - 13 - 300 Choose this option
FTENDMEDIUM Choose this option Medium 2.00 - 3.25 14 - 10 2 x 1.6 mm / 15-1/2 Barb 400 Choose this option
FTENDLARGE Choose this option Large 3.20 - 4.20 10-1/2 - 8 - 600 Choose this option


  • Fasteners that are compatible with many types of wire, for example, mild steel wire, high strength wire and even polyamide wire.
  • Ideal for easy installation and quick repairs.
  • All components are reusable from year to year.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Innovative and patented solutions.


  • Always make sure to leave at least 75 mm of wire end overhang to allow for re-tensioning of the installation.
  • Secure the wire ends with the Gripple Twister.
  • If the Gripple tensioner is placed too far along the wire (before tensioning), use the wrench to reposition it.

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