Wire Joiners & Tensioners - Gripple

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Product No. Gripple Wire Diameter (mm) Wire Diameter (SWG) Wire Diameter (barbed) Load Rating (Kg) Load Rating (lb)
FTENDSMALL Small 1,40 - 2,00 17 - 13 300 600
FTENDMEDIUM Medium 2.00 - 3.25 14 - 10 2 x 1.6mm / 15-1/2 Barb 400 880
FTENDLARGE Large 3.20 - 4.20 10-1/2 - 8 600 1320
  • A range of Gripple Wire Joiners & Tensioners for use in fencing, trellising, and greenhouse applications
  • Suitable for all types and sizes of wire (mild or high tensile steel, and polymer wire too)
  • Use on plain, barbed, or electric wire and on all types of stock fence
  • Ideal for use at installation, and for fast and economic repairs
  • Four times faster than traditional methods
  • Adjustable and re-tensionable
  • Always leave a wire tail of at least 3" to allow for re-tensioning
  • Secure tail wires with the Gripple Twister
  • If the Gripple unit is pushed onto the wire too far (pre-load), use the setting key to allow the unit to move backwards.


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