Row Cover Layer

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(L x W x H)
127" x 26" x 10" 150 lbs / 69 kg

The floating row cover layer provides simple installation – with almost no effort – of your new floating row covers, in addition to making it easier to carry them in the fields.

The layer is made at our facilities. It is designed to adapt to all Agryl and Novagryl floating row cover sizes, as well as all perforated row covers. It can also lay certain plastic rolls such as the Tunnel Flex. The machine has a width of 12' and can support rollers of max. 10' width, since there must be space for adjustment.



The floating row cover layer is equipped with a 3-point head. Therefore, the machine carries the load during the installation process. The layer may be adjusted at the shop or directly in the field – you just have to remove one of the adjustable rings, insert the row cover or the roller, then adjust the two rings to attach the roller. It takes about four people to install the row cover. One person drives the tractor, another unfolds the row cover while the other two bury it.



This floating row cover layer is a worthwhile and cost-efficient alternative compared to the Hiwer. Furthermore, row covers suffer less damage and have a longer useful life since they are handled with care.  


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