Terrateck wheel weeder

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Tool consisting of a wheel and a blade to unearth plantlets growing out of rows and cut them. The wheel weeder is designed for early weeding.

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The wheel weeder for organic weeding is designed for early, efficient weeding. The tool consists of a wheel that bring plantlets up to the soil’s surface, as well as a blade that cuts them. The wheel weeder is used in pushing-through operation, as opposed to the hoe that works in pull/push.


  • Hardened steel blade
  • Can be used on any type of land and any weather condition, but it is strongly discouraged on rocky land
  • Tool used in pushing-through operation
  • Useful tool in sandy soil given the projection effect of the wheel



    • Lightweight started at only 4.5 kg (8.8 lb)
    • Long handle with adjustable angle and height
    • Blade with adjustable angle and height
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