Terrateck Crumbler Roll & Base for Single-Wheel Hoe


Kit including the roll crumbler and the roller base used to weed on light soils between crop rows. It comes with the rolls and base.

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Width Height weight
150 mm
303 mm
1.8 kg
4.4 lb

The roll crumbler for Terrateck hoes enables weeding by bringing weed germs up to the surface through its roller's rotation. You can carry out weeding at early stages. The roll crumbler is connected to the roller base, which in turn is inserted into the single-wheel hoe

The kit includes the roller base and the roll crumbler. The roller base can also be used with the seedling roller.


  • Breaks up the crust on loamy soils after heavy rain
  • Work is faster than with a hoe blade
  • Makes for a finer soil that crumbles



  • Use on light, stone-free soils
  • Use only when weeds are at the germ stage


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