Plastic Totes

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Multi-purpose plastic totes for fruits and vegetables. Sides & bottom are not vented.

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Product No. Color Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Base/Side Capacity
(kg / lb)
CUVBUSN24160800 Grey 23.6'' x 15.7'' x 7.8'' Solid 20 kg
44 lb
CUVBUSN24161200 Grey 23.6'' x 15.7'' x 11.8'' Solid 20 kg
44 lb

Multi-purpose plastic totes made for harvesting, processing, packing, and distribution of fruits and vegetable

  • Plastic totes can be stacked or nested for space efficiency
  • Crop suggestions : Green oignons...
  • Food Grade Approved

You can use the harvest lug dolly to carry multiple piled up, solid, or ventilated harvest lugs.

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