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The Brannan electronic thermometer simultaneously and accurately indicates the maximum and minimum temperatures recorded, as well as the current temperature. Ideal for temperature management under floating row covers, low-tunnels or large tunnels, the thermometer can be read in °C or °F.

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Waterproof and robust thermometer that gives accurate reading

The Brannan electronic min / max thermometer gives you an accurate reading of the maximum and minimum temperatures recorded, in addition to displaying the current temperature. Ideal for managing the temperature under your various production structures or simply to know the temperature in your home or outside.

Waterproof digital max/min thermometer featuring :

High-resistance housing with a unique waterproof design compliant with IP 66 standard / Simultaneous reading of maximum, current and minimum / High precision display thanks to its clear and easy-to-read LCD screen / Temperature display in ° C or ° F / Anchor hole for quick attachment to a wall or structure.

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