Complete Suction Unit

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IKA SUCC-A-03X30-config

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Product No. Diameter Lenght Quote required
IKA SUCC-A-03X30 3″ 30’ X
IKA SUCC-A-04X30 4'' 30’ X
IKA SUCC-A-05X30 5'' 30’ X
IKA SUCC-A-06X30 6'' 30’ X
IKA SUCC-A-08X30 8'' 30’ X

Complete suction unit for irrigation pumps used to supply water to the pump. Many options are available to make work easy for the operator.

Basic unit

The basic suction unit includes a 9.4 m (30’) long pipe with a 7.6, 10.2, 12.7, 15.2 or 20.3 cm (3, 4, 5, 6 or 8”) diameter based on your needs. Il also includes the required hardware and a suction basket to filter water before it enters the pump.


As an option, you can add a suction pipe float to the unit. This air-filled barrel lifts the suction pipe so that it won’t touch the bottom of the water source. Less debris enter the pump this way.You can also replace the basic unit’s suction basket with the foot valve suction basket. With its valve, this option keeps water in the pipe and the pump to prevent manual priming of the pump during each use. 

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