Broadfork with five galvanized curved prongs


The broadfork is the perfect tool to start the season strong. Soil has microorganisms and bacteria that are necessary for crop growth and the broadfork loosens and aerates the soil without turning it over. It does not destroy the living micro-organisms and bacteria. Compared to the traditional spade or fork, which do not allow for this precision and clean work, the broadfork is the solution to start working the soil and prepare the land for the season. It is used at its full power when it is pushed vertically into the ground, then bring the handles towards you, while moving back a step to finally move the handles from left to right to break up the clods of earth. It works on the principle of a lever, which makes it very easy to use.

  • The standard broadfork is intended for sandier soils. 

This broadfork is hardened with galvanized steel, which provides superior life and corrosion resistance to extend the life of your tool. Compared to popular models, Dubois Agrinovation's broadfork does not require painting for protection and offers exceptional reliability. Galvanized steel requires little maintenance and long-term costs compared to stainless steel which does not offer all these considerable advantages.

Note that for clay soils, we offer the Heavy Duty 4-tooth broadfork.

*Due to its larger size and/or weight, handling and/or heavy transport fees will be added to the selected product at the time of payment.

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Handle Length Int. width Teeth Length Number of teeth Weight Prongs

122 cm

61 cm 

22,86 cm


10.90 lb
4,55 kg


The 24" standard model with five (5) rounded tines is designed to work on sandy soils with light loam. Its 5 prongs give it a better support.

Also available is the heavy-duty, all-steel, 4-tine broadfork, designed to work on clay and/or rocky soil.

The use of the broadfork is based on a leverage technique; push the tool vertically, bring the handles towards you, move back one step moving the handles from right to left to break up the clods. This tool allows you to obtain a well-aerated soil quickly and efficiently.

* Caution: the soil must be prepared before use and in no case should the tool be used for plowing.

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