Aluminium Bauer-Type Female Coupling

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IA BA-ACCF-3A-config

The Aluminium Bauer type female coupling are ideal to make suction adapters and irrigation pipes for an irrigation system in the field.

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Product No. Size Degree of angle deviation
IA BA-ACCF-3AGST 3'' 30°
IA BA-ACCF-4AGST 4'' 30°
IA BA-ACCF-5AGST 5'' 30°
IA BA-ACCF-8AGST 8'' 30°

Aluminium Bauer-type female coupling for making suction adapters and irrigation pipes.

Specifications and benefits

  • Suction/pressure resistance  
  • Suction/pressure resistance while subjected to tension 
  • The 4” female couplings are malleable up to -1°C 
  • The 8” female couplings are malleable up to -6°C
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