Deer Fence


100% polypropylene fence, combines resistance and lightness. An economical solution that resists weather conditions, is environmentally friendly, and is easy to install and remove.

Note that this product will be delivered by heavy transport.

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Product No. Size Mesh Size Roll Weight Lifespan
FICHEV7,5X330 Choose this option 7.5' X 330'
2.3 m X 100 m
1.77'' X 1.57''
4.5 cm X 4 cm
44 lb
20 kg
3 to 5 seasons Choose this option
FICHEV7,5X330HD Choose this option 7.5' X 328'
2.3 m X 100 m
2'' X 2''
5 cm x 5 cm
68 lb
31 kg
5 to 10 seasons Choose this option
FICHEV7,5X330P Choose this option 7.5' X 330'
2.3 m X 100 m
1.77'' X 1.96''
4.5 cm X 5 cm
68 lb
31 kg
10 to 15 seasons Choose this option

Manufactured using a bi-oriented manufacturing process, which gives the strands exceptional and optimal strength. The mesh is heat-stretched during manufacturing, which increases its tensile strength. 


  • Effective and harmless solution to prevent deer from entering your garden or field
  • Made of black polypropylene
  • Rectangular mesh of 1.37" x 1.96" (35mm x 50mm)
  • Maintenance free, no corrosion, no rust
  • Reusable, long life
  • Recyclable
  • UV resistant (3 different treatments)


  • Game fencing (deer, roe deer)
  • Park and garden fencing
  • Delimitation of areas
  • Poultry enclosure (ducks, pheasants, chickens)
  • Cattle fencing (sheep, horses, pigs, cows)
  • Protection for large-scale farming

Note that the distance between posts may vary depending on where the fence is installed. 

Ideal: 12' 
Maximum: 15'
In windy areas: 10'

If the fence is to remain in place year-round (highly recommended), you will need to reduce the distance between posts and install anchors if the length exceeds 500'. We invite you to install an iron or polyamide wire at the top, in the middle (knee height) and at the bottom of the fence to keep it straight and avoid sagging. Tie the fence to the wire with 8" Tie-Wraps every 2'-0" to keep it in place.

** Install the fence on the side where the animals pass through.

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