Anti-Drain Valve

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IS 11590021-config
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Product No. Description Color Opening pressure Closing pressure
IS 11590021 Low pressure Anti-Drain Valve black 20 psi 10 psi
IS 11590023 High pressure Anti-Drain Valve blue 60 psi 35 psi
IS 11590323 Barbed high pressure Anti-Drain Valve blue 60 psi 35 psi

The anti-Drain Valve is the latest Leakage Prevention Device for use for the greenhouse micro sprinklers. The anti-Drain Valve allows micro-sprinklers to start-up and shut-down simultaneously. Its check valve function eliminates water damage by preventing leaks after the system shut-down. Available in high pressure, barbed high pressure and low pressure models. Made of three parts for simple maintenance.



  • Prevents drainage through emission devices while system is under pressure
  • Maintains system pressure, enabling immediate start-up
  • All units start-up and/or shut-down simultaneously
  • Modular – fits all NaanDanJain micro-sprinklers (including the competition)
  • Three inlet connection types: barb 4/7 (PE), female, 3/8” thread (PVC)
  • One-stage opening: Super LPD is either completely opened or closed
  • Easily dismantled for cleaning and maintenance
  • Recommended filtration 120 mesh
  • Clog resistant due to wide water passages
  • Low pressure loss due to wide water passages
  • Easily retrofits existing micro-sprinkler systems
  • Manufactured from durable plastic for long term operations



  • Greenhouse, nursery and residential flower beds
  • Available in 3 models
    • Black: Low pressure for micro-sprinklers
    • Blue: High pressure for foggers
    • Blue: Barbed high pressure for foggers
  • Recommended working pressure: 20 to 60 psi
  • Required filtration: 120 mesh 
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