Dan Butterfly Support

IS 11890710-config

The Barbed Butterfly is inserted in a polyethylene pipe or a .600 X .700 polyethylene pipe with a special punch and the Threaded Butterfly is inserted in an aluminum or a PVC pipe with a drill.

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Product No. Description Must be used with
IS 11890710 Choose this option Barbed Butterfly 4/7 mm Micro Tubing Choose this option
IS 11897016 Choose this option 3/8'' Tapered Butterfly Hat Grommet Choose this option
IS 11897001 Choose this option 1/2'' Threaded Butterfly Agri-Connector Choose this option

The various butterfly supports for Dan micro-sprinklers connect the sprinklers to their main water source. Three models are available:

1) Barbed Butterfly
2) 3/8'' Threaded Butterfly
3) 1/2'' Treaded Butterfly

The  Barbed Butterfly connects the 4/7 micro tubing to the Dan micro-sprinkler.

The 3/8'' Threaded Butterfly connects the aluminum or PVC pipe to the Dan micro-sprinkler. A hat grommet (not included) is required to ensure imperviousness.

The 1/2'' Treaded Butterfly connects theAgri-Connector to the Dan micro-sprinkler

Barbed Dan Butterfly Support assembly


3/8'' Threaded Dan Butterfly Support assembly


1/2'' Threaded Dan Butterfly Support assembly



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