Caterpillar Tunnel Parts

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TC-VIS-14X .75-config
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Product No. Size Description Caterpillar Tunnel Type
TC-VIS-14X .75 0,19 mm
Self-drilling screw # 14 For entrance
For Longer Structure
TC-POLYLOCK-6 1.83 m
Aluminum Polylock Channel for
greenhouse and caterpillar tunnel structure
For entrance
For Longer Structure
TC-BROCHE-AC-4 2 mm x 1,22 m
0,07'' x 4'
Stainless Steel Wire For entrance
For Longer Structure
TC-BROCHE-BL-6 2,3 mm x 1,83 m
0,09'' x 6'
White Vinyl Covered Wire For entrance
For Longer Structure
TC-ANC-1/2-24 1,27 cm x 61 cm
1/2" x 24"
Galvanized Screw Anchor For entrance
TC-SUPPORT HD N.A Ubolt HD for arch stiffening top corner For entrance
TC-SUP RAIDISSEUR N.A Arch stiffening corner For entrance
TC-TUBE-1-1/4X15POU 3,18 cm x 38,1 cm
1 1/4" x 15"
Tube 16G Galvalum Steel To get a higher (9' ) and
wider (16') structure

These replacement parts are for Caterpillar Tunnel Kit.  

See the Dimension & Specification for more details about each item.

You can also take a look on the Caterpillar Tunnel Installation Guide to know where the parts go.

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