1/2'' LF Series Rain Bird Sprinkler without nozzle

IJ LF-1200-config

Rain Bird LF Series Sprinkler built rugged to withstand the harsh conditions in agricultural. The Low-flow sprinkler offers full-circle operation.

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Product No. Flow rate Pressure Trajectory angles Diameter Spacing Nozzle colors
IJ LF-1200 Choose this option 71 to 127 GPH
(270 to 480 IPH)
25 to 60 PSI
(17. to 4.1 bar)
16°.17° or 21°
22' to 45'
(6.70 m to 13.70 m)
26.25' x 26.25'
49.22' x 49.22'
blue, orange, purple,
yellow or green
Choose this option
IJ LF-2400 Choose this option 119 to 240 GPH
(450 to 910 IPH)
25 to 60 PSI
(17. to 4.1 bar)
10°, 13°,
15° or 22°
22' to 45'
(6.70 m to 13.70 m)
26.25' x 26.25'
49.22' x 49.22'
Green, bronze, red,
black, tan or silver
Choose this option

*** Nozzles and deflectors not include

The Rain Bird LF Series Sprinkler is built rugged to withstand the harsh conditions in agricultural applications (nursery, grass or frost protection). It has been designed to combine the advantages of an impacts sprinkler with stream height flexibility that delivers precise, uniform and unrivaled water distribution.

This low-flow sprinkler series offers full-circle operation with a variety of color-code nozzles and deflector inserts that snap into place with the push of a finger, making accommodations to every setup a snap.


High Distribution Uniformity

  • Weighted drive disk provides long dwell time between stream interruptions to achieve the maximum distance of throw
  • The deflector is designed to provide a fan pattern to optimize uniformity
  • During impact, the Precision Jet (PJ) spoon directs the water stream into the field preventing erosion at the riser base


    Most Robust Sprinkler in its Class

    • Patented Ceramic Radial Bearing (CRB) is longer lasting than conventional counterparts
    • Patented Flow Dependent Brake (FDB) stabilizes rotation time over a range of water pressures
    • Provides consistent performance at high temperatures and below freezing
    • Deflector made of composite engineered thermoplastic - provides dimensional stability, resists wear caused by dirty water conditions
    • Drive disk made of engineered thermoplastic - shields and protects sprinkler from freezing, wind-blown and water-borne debris
    • Springs and pin composed of high-grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance
    • Ultraviolet (UV) stabilizer protects the sprinkler from the sun


      Easy to Use

      • Sprinkler is comprised of: the drive unit, body, deflector and nozzle (each piece can be purchased separately)
      • EZ-twist tabs allow simple removal of the drive unit; no tools required
      • Nozzles and deflectors snap in place with the push of a finger
      • Color-coded nozzles and deflectors allow easy identification
      • Weed Guard blocks weeds from growing into the sprinkler and stopping the rotations



        • Edge Guard (Road Guard) precisely directs water back to the field and can also be used as a part circle on edges and row ends
        • Splash Guard fits over the top of the sprinkler and directs water downwards. When removing or replacing the sprinkler, allowing users to change or clean nozzles without getting soaked
        • Stream Splitter splits the water to avoid direct water streams into tree trunks, equipment and general areas that do not need watering


          Operating Range

          • Pressure: 25 to 60 PSI (1.7 to 4.1 bar)
          • Flow rates : 46.20 to 241.20 gph (175 to 913 lph)



            • 1/2” (13 mm) NPT male pipe thread



              • 26.25' x 26.25' to 49.22' x 49.22'
              • It can cover up 380 sq. ft. (35 sq. m) to 1,590 sq. ft. (148 sq. m), i.e. a 22' (6.70 m) to 45' (13.70 m) diameter.   


                Lf series sprinkler technical specifications

                Lf series sprinkler technical specifications
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