.600 X .700 (1/2'') Polyethylene Pipe

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BO EHD1650-001-config

The .600 X .700 (1/2'')­­­ Polyethylene Pipe is principally use in greenhouses and residential flower beds. It serves as main pipe supplying water alimentation to the external drippers fixed on it. This polyethylene Pipe can resist pressure up to 60 PSI.

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Product No. Diameter Length
BO EHD1650-005 1/2'' 50'
BO EHD1650-015 1/2'' 150'
BO EHD1645-010 1/2'' 100'
BO EHD1650-050 1/2'' 500'
BO EHD1650-100 1/2'' 1000'
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