Key Punch

IS 42315

Fast, easy and cost-effective, the Key Punch can perforate polyethylene pipes to insert any ¼" barb fitting or dripper. Hold the top of the punch between the forefinger and thumb, and the pointed end in the pipe, like a key!

Furthermore, the bottom part of the punch can also be used as a 5/16" wrench to tighten your stainless steel clamps when installing your irrigation system.

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Description Diameter of the hole work with
Key punch 3 mm .600 X .700 (1/2'') Polyethylene Pipe
Stainless Hose Clamp
1'' Oval Hose

Hold the Key Punch between the forefinger and thumb, then insert the pointed end in the polyethylene tubing like a key in a lock! A slight twisting movement will speed up the hole punching process.


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