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IA WR-ACCM-2-config

Les accouplement mâle en aluminium Wade Rain sont performants à haute pression et le verrouillage et le déverrouillage sont faciles.

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Wade Rain offers quality specially designed couplers that have several advantages over traditional couplers. Here is a list of the advantages:

High Pressure Performance

All Wade Rain couplers are guaranteed to125 PSI(8.5 bars) operating pressure.

Easy and Fast Latch and Unlatching

Our couplers are designed with a knob and latch to allow you to connect and disconnect your pipes on the fly. Instead of having to manually unlock the coupler at the end of the pipe and then move the pipe, our couplers automatically unlatch as when you lift the pipe at the middle. This means lifting and unlatching the pipe are now one action. These couplers latch from the carrying position.

Self Draining Gaskets

Wade Rain uses unique special gaskets which seal when water is flowing through the pipes and unseals when the water pressure turns off. When unsealed the gaskets allow "controlled fast drainage" so that when you get to the pipes and are ready to move them, they will be lightweight and empty. See our gaskets page to find out more about our gaskets.

Made of Lightweight Aluminum

Our couplers are made of 100% aluminum. This means we our components are light and makes moving pipe a much easier and more efficient process.

Strong Perma-Mold Cast

Our couplers are cast using the PERMA-MOLD process. With our superior PERMA-MOLD process, we can deliver you a coupler that is both strong and long-lasting. All couplers are cast of high-strength aluminum alloy and are 100% rust resistant.

Flexibility for Field Contour

Our coupler design allows maximum field flexibility. This allows the system to conform to a wide variety of land contours. No more need to do land-leveling. Also our specially designed gasket prevents any leaking when the system is bending and conforming to the landscape.

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