Wire Grips and Stretchers


Wire Grips and Stretchers - Simple and easy to use - Grips the steel parts automatically by spring loading - No slipping of steel parts.

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Wire (mm)
Wire (inches)
Wire Cross Section (mm)
Wire Cross Section (inches)
Eye Size ''D'' (mm)
Eye Size ''D'' (inches)
Working Load Limit (kg)
Working Load Limit (lb)
Load Capacity (kg)
Load Capacity (lb)
1 - 5 mm
0.0394'' - 0.1969''
1 - 16 mm
0.0394'' - 0.6299''
20 mm
1250 kg
2756 lb
500 kg
1102 lb


  • Galvanized with long, parallel tensioning steel jaws, hardened.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Grips the steel parts automatically by spring loading.
  • No slipping of steel parts even at highest pulling forces.


Directions for use, maintenance and care

  • Before each use: Check all parts for distortion or misalignment; proper maintenance and field inspection is necessary.
  • Check grip to ensure it is the correct type and size for the application.
  • Profile of the jaws and its teeth have to be kept always clean, dry, free of oil and grease to avoid a slipping of the wire.
  • Avoid abrupt loading.
  • Increase tensile force slowly to avoid slipping of the wire or even damage of the teeth.
  • Lubricate only the rivets, never the jaws!


  • When using grip never exceed Working Load Limit WLL!

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