UltraFlow Electrical Globe Valves 700 series 3/4'' plastic models - Irritrol

IE A-700B-.75-CONFIG

UltraFlow Electrical Globe Valves 700 series 3/4'' plastic models - Irritrol - Unique straight-Through Flow Path - Slow-Closing Design.

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Product No. Dimensions Configuration Feature
IE A-700B-.75 Choose this option 4-1/2'' x 1-9/10'' x 3-2/5'' NPT Threads No Flow Control Choose this option

Featuring a straight-trough flow path that dramatically reduces pressure loss, the Irritrol UltraFlow Series of plastic valves leads the industry in long-term performance and reliability. With a flow range from .1 to 180 GPM and a self-cleaning, 150-mesh stainless steel filter screen, these unique valves are ideal for a multitude of potable and dirty water applications. A glass-reinforced nylon body and bonnet, stainless steel spring and hardware and a rugged, nylon-reinforced buna-N diaphragm add an extra dimension of toughness to this very durable family of valves.


Key Features & Benefits

Unique Straight-Through Flow Path
Provides extremely low friction loss

Slow-Closing Design
Reduces water hammer and resulting stress on the system

Tough glass-Reinforced Nylon, Stainless steel and brass construction
Provides durability and long life

High and low-flow operation
Ensures consistent performance in a variety of applications


Added Features

  • Manual Internal bleed
  • Wide flow range
  • Flow Control allows precise flow adjustement and manual shutoff(not available on ¾''-inch model)
  • Compact, low-profile design
  • Rugged nylon-reinforced Buna-N diaphragm provides leak-proof seal
  • Encapsulated injection-molded solenoid with a captive hex plunger
  • Unique three-way stainless steel bonnet screws with threaded brass inserts accept Philips, flat-blade and hex-driver tools
  • Five-year warranty


    Operating Specification

    • Flow range: .1-180 GPM


    Electrical Specification

    • Solenoid: 24 V ac
    • Inrush volt-amp: 24 V ac-9.6 VA
    • Inrush current: 0.4 amp
    • Holding volt-amp: 24 V ac-4.8 VA
    • Holding current: 0.2 amp

          Friction Loss Data - Flow Rate - GPM




          SIZE 0.1 2 5 10 15 20 30
          IE A-700B-.75 GLOBE 3/4 0.38 0.38 0.86 1.22 2.03 3.27 6.75
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