Terrateck 120 mm Delta Swing Weeder


The Delta 120mm swing weeder from Terrateck is an ergonomic and adjustable tool for precision weeding on large surfaces. It comes with an ash handle.

* Assembly required

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Shape Lenght of the tool Width of the blade

165 mm

120 mm 

This Delta type swing weeder is used for manual weeding between rows and beds of crops. The oscillation of the weeder, combined with the double-edged hardened steel blade, allows you to push and pull weeds, thus sparing your shoulders.

More ergonomic and faster than a regular hoe, this weeder is ideal for market gardening. The angle of use of the weeders can be adjusted with a simple screw under the handle, so the tool can be adjusted to the size of the user for a simple and efficient work.

The kit includes:

Use between rows of vegetables at close spacing (13 cm or more (5.1")) and in any area with limited access.

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