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IK F-URB-100-100

Ideal for hanging baskets, flower boxes and green roofs. The Urban Landscape Irrigation Kit contains sprinklers that are adjustable just like the traditional Landscaping spray irrigation kit. Overhead irrigation is ideal for irrigating seedlings and transplants to give them a head start in their growth. Moist soil is more likely to germinate. Micro-sprinkling allows for nice uniformity and production and avoids creating very dry or overly wet areas, as it is well metered and distributed over the surface. That said, disease, mold and other risks of over-soaked soil are avoided. Thanks to the different jets of the sprinkler system and the crossing of the different stations, the crops will remain protected.

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All-in-One Watering System

BioPlus micro spray watering system stemming from technologies used by professionals. Perfect for your patio, urban garden, hanging baskets, flower boxes, and green roof needs, it provides several design alternatives. This professional system, consisting of sprinklers and drippers, provides many ways to water your flower boxes, pots, and green roof by simply connecting it to a faucet.


  • Saves times on watering plants
  • Keeps plants healthy
  • Connects easily to outside valve
  • Adaps to different plant sizes
  • Sprinklers can be individually turned off with a simple twist of the cap


    Qty# Item Description
    1IB 31-H6SSMale Adaptor Serie 600 X 3/4" MIPT with filter
    1 rlx 100'BO EHD1645-010Poly Hose 0,615 / 0,705 x Foot
    1 rlx 100'IS 51035Micro-Tube 0,225 / 0,150 x FootVinyl
    2IB 31-HV66Valve Série 600
    1IS 42315Punch
    2IB 31-HE66Elbow Serie 600
    2IB 31-HC600Coupling Série 600
    1IB 31-HT666Tee Serie 600
    2IB 31-H6CAPCap Serie 600
    5IB IPS1500Anchor for Poly Hose
    10IB 31-AGP250Goof Plug
    5IB MI4-FC250Coupling 1/4"
    20IB MI4-FEL250Elbow 1/4"
    10IB MI4-FT250Tee 1/4"
    5IS 42155Valve for Micro-Tube
    6IS 31295Sprayer Shrubbler 180°
    12IS 31495Sprayer Shrubbler 360°
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