Rain-Flo 2570 Raised Bed Mulch Layer with Manual Ro-Trak


Rain-Flo'sBedder Layer Model 2570 with Manual Steering Correction Ro-Trak™ shapes beds and lays 36'' to 48'' mulch film. The machine can also be adjusted according to the desired bed height from 3'' to 7'' high. This model is an excellent mulch layerfor small and large growers.

Model also available as bedder only, with Manual Steering Correction (Automatic Ro-Trak™) or as a 3 row machine.

*Available machines may vary from the pictures shown as examples.

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  • 60'' row centers with 48'' plastic, 70 HP FWD minimum tractor size
  • Category II, 3-point hitch
  • Adjustable plastic width from 36'' or 48''
  • Adjustable bed height from 3'' to 7''
  • Adjustable brake tension on plastic roll carriers
  • Bed press has adjustable side press plates
  •  Operator seat
  • Adjustable row marker
  • Replaceable, reversible plow share blades
  • UHMW (replaceable) poly lined bed press
  • Spring loaded shovels on side; helps loosen soil for cover disk


  • Single or Double Drip Attachment
  • Crowned Bed Press for Level Field
  • Center Fillers, to Help Fill Center of Bed
  • 400 lb. Ground Driven Dry Fertilizer Hopper
  • Fumigation Tank Mounts w/ Gas Knives
  • Bedder only option : this machine is also available as a bedder only
  • 3 row option : this machine is also available with a 3 row feature 

Ro-Trak™ Advantages
More uniform and fuller beds
Helps prevent plastic mulch film or Bio360 mulch film from coming loose
Faster mulch film laying

Manual Ro-Trak™
Same advantages as the Automatic Ro-Trak™ to the exception that the adjustments are made by the driver. The Manual Ro-Trak™ is recommended for level land only.

Why Raised Beds?

  • Earlier Crops: Raised beds will make your produce crop earlier due to warmer, better-drained soil
  • Cleaner Crops: Crops are easier to pick & are away from cultivated ground
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