Prunion 250 Pruning Shear Kit from Pellenc


The PRUNION pruning shear is ideal for growers looking for a powerful, light and innovative tool. Its grip fits any hand and its large cutting diameter makes it comfortable to prune with. The numerous innovations of this pruning shear make it indispensable for professionals seeking either freedom of movement with the 150P pocket or the possibility to alternate tools with the 250 battery, which allows users to connect two PELLENC tools simultaneously.

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Blade opening (in) Cutting diameter (in) Weight of the shears (ox) Engine speed (rpm) Length (in) Ovalised handle diameter (h x l) (mm) Optical trigger Standby mode Blade change without tools Compatibles batteries
2.63 1.77 30.3 21.000 11.73 41x38 Yes Yes Yes 150 P / 250

The new pole option for PRUNION pruning shears allows you to prune trees up to 4 metres in height with enough autonomy for a full day's runing. This option benefits from the technological innovations of PRUNION and now allows you to switch to pole mode in minimal time and without requiring tools.


  • 2 pole lengths to choose from: 1.50m or 2m.
  • Reversible cutting head for pruning all branch configurations.


  • Mounting the Prunion pruning shears on the pole takes less than 1 minute, no tools required.
  • Prune at heights of up to 4m.
  • The compact Prunion cutter head permits easy access interior tree foliage.
  • The blade half-opening is controlled by an optical trigger.
  • Simplified maintenance (weekly lubrication).
  • High performance battery for a full day's pruning.


  • The handle fits comfortably into one hand (leaving the arms free to move around)
  • Oval-shaped tube for an optimal grip on the pole.
  • Balanced pole for increased comfort and precision. (shears motor at the rear of the tool).
  • Compact Prunion cutter head, for good working visibility.
  • Practical and intuitive branch hook.


  • Strong and lightweight aluminium tube (1,600g or 1,870g depending on the model).
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