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The Netafim Automatic Air Vent is for high spots where air accumulates. Read More
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  1. 3/4" & 1" Automatic : Continuous Acting Air Vent
  2. 3/4" & 1" Automatic : Continuous Acting Vacuum Guard Air Vent

Product Advantages 

  •  Maximum operating pressure:Ensures maximum protection of the irrigation system with proper sizing and placement.
  • Hydrodynamic float design ensures vent closure as water fills the system, remains open when air pressure reaches 10 psi (other vents close quickly when air pressure reaches 3 psi).
  • Large capacity vents dampen water hammer preventing pipes and fittings from cracking or bursting.
  • Unique patented rolling seal feature allows gradual opening, closing and self-cleaning - available on 1" and 2" Combination and 1" Automatic.
  • Made of corrosion-resistant fiberglass with reinforced UV protected nylon - no metal parts to rust or corrode, no need for spare parts.


3/4" and 1" Automatic Continuous Acting Air Vents

  • For high spots where air accumulates.

1" Continuous Acting/Vacuum Guard Air Vent

  • For release of entrapped air while ensuring continuous pump prime with no air intake in centrifugal pumps and pump suction lines.
  • Protects mechanical seals in vertical pumps by not allowing air to accumulate in the stuffing boxes.
  • Maintains siphons with continuous air release while not allowing air intake.


3/4" and 1" Automatic: 230 psi 

Stages of Operation

Automatic Continuous Acting Air Vent

  1. While the system is pressurized, air accumulates in the body, systematically dropping the rolling seal mechanism releasing the trapped air.
  2. After air is expelled, water again enters the body and forces the float to close the vent.
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