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The Mister fogger allows for the adequate irrigation of cuttings and germinating seeds. This versatile device maintains the humidity level and evaporation conditions, or it may be used as cooling system in greenhouses and high tunnels. The fogger spreads fine droplets consistently.



The Mister fogger is used with a minimal pressure of 28 psi and a flow rate of 7.9 gph.. We recommend putting it 4-5 feet above planting level and 10 inches from the edge of the surface to be irrigated. For maximum efficiency, we suggest putting foggers 2.5 feet from the irrigation line and putting the lines 4 to 5 feet from each other laterally.



  • Height of units above bench: 48" - 60" (1.2 - 1.5 m).
  • Maximum spacing between units on lateral: 30" (0.75 m).
  • Maximum spacing between laterals: 60" (1.5 m).


Features and Specifications

  • The double purpose emitter for misting & irrigation over propagation benches.
  • Uniform coverage.
  • Ideal droplet size prevents drift of excessively fine mist.
  • No dripping during operation.
  • Undisturbed and symmetrical water distribution (no deflection or “dead corners”).
  • Can be fitted with Leakage Prevention Device (LPD) for perfect pulsed operation.
  • Operating pressure: 30 - 57 psi
  • Flow rate: 7.9 - 11.60 gph (see performance chart)
  • Wetted diameter: 48" (1.2 m).
  • Filtration requirements: 100 microns.
  • Small droplet size – slightly larger than fog, smaller then mist

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