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IK F-PAY-150-100

Ideal for hanging baskets, flower boxes and flower beds, this versatile kit can be used to irrigate all types of landscaping and outdoor settings. The kit includes two types of sprinklers: ten sprinklers that will feed your landscape beds and water in a 360° diameter. The other ten sprinklers will water in a 180° diameter and will be ideal to irrigate your side of the house without wasting water on the parking lot or anywhere else but on your flowering surface. 

With this set, you can also easily irrigate 30 pots. When you buy this kit, you will also have the two types of drippers offered, the ones that provide you with water for half a gallon and the other types of drippers that provide you with water for one gallon. A quantity of 15 units of each type is offered in the kit. 

The droplets from the sprinklers will irrigate in the form of an umbrella and the combination of sprinklers and drippers will allow you to water your shrubs, fruits and vegetables, flowers or any other green project in a complete and uniform way.

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BioPlus micro spray watering system stemming from technologies used by professionals. Perfect for your landscaping needs, it provides several design alternatives. This professional system, consisting of sprinklers and drippers, provides many ways to water your flower boxes, pots, and flower beds by simply connecting it to a faucet. 


  • Saves times on watering plants
  • Keep plants healthy
  • Connects easily to outside valve
  • Adapts to different plant sizes
  • Filtration system included for longer lifespan

Qté # Item Description
1 IG BG-199S-1212 Brass Swivel Coupling FHT x 3/4" FPT
1 IB 33-075S155 Filter 3/4" 155 Mesh
1 IV PR-075-L-35 Pressure Regulator .1@8 GPM - 35 PSI - 3/4FPT
1 II 861104 Nipple 3/4" x 1-3/8" (CL) SCH 80
1 II 405007 Tee 3/4" FIPT x FIPT x FIPT
1 II 439098 Reducing Bushing 3/4" x 1/4" MIPT x FIPT
1 IE PG-60 Pressure gauge STD 0-30 PSI
1 IB 31-H6TH75 Male Adaptor Serie 600 X 3/4" MIPT
1 rlx 150' BO EHD1650-015 Poly Hose 0,600 / 0,700 x Foot
1 rlx 100' IS 51035 Micro-Tube 0,225 / 0,150 x Foot Vinyl
2 IB 31-HV66 Shutoff Valve Serie 600
1 IS 42315 Punch 
4 IB 31-HE66 Elbow Serie 600
5 IB 31-HC600 Coupling Serie 600
3 IB 31-HT666 Tee Serie 600
4 IB 31-H6CAP Cap Serie 600
6 IB IPS1500 Poly Hose Anchor
20 IB 31-AGP250 Goof Plug
30 IB MI4-FC250 Coupling 1/4"
40 IB MI4-FEL250 Elbow 1/4"
20 IB MI4-FT250 Tee 1/4"
15 IS 01WPCJL2-B Dripper PC 0.5 GPH
15 IS 01WPCJL4-B Dripper PC 1.0 GPH
30 IS 1107950 Stabilizer Peg 4"
10 IS 50315 Sprayer 180°
10 IS 50325 Sprayer 360°
1 IG TT520 Teflon Tape

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