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The manual seeder accurately and quickly sows every small and large seed with easily interchangeable rollers, saving you both time and money. The seeder creates precise spacing between rows, making it an indispensable tool for farmers and gardeners who want to improve their productivity. 

The multitude of rollers that can be fitted onto the seeder will allow you to find an ideal adjustment according to the size of your seeds.  


*The rollers are necessary for the functioning of the seeder and they are not supplied, get them on our website by clicking here.

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Seeders with more rows and more hoppers are available on our website. A seeder with more rows and more hoppers allows for even faster seeding. The JP-1 seeder stands out for its maneuverability and its ability to fit into the tightest spaces. Each hopper needs its own roller to be able to work properly: 

Two-row seeder

Three-row seeder

Five-row seeder 


  • Precisely sows every small and large coated seed with easy-to-change rollers.
  • The seeder has an adjustable handle.
  • The transparent plastic hopper allows you to see the amount of seed remaining.
  • Hopper volume: 0.26 gallon (1.18 liter).
  • A chart to identify which roller to use for which size of seed is molded into the hopper’s lid.
  • Works with a small amount of seed in the hopper.
  • No seed loss.
  • Easy to change hopper.
  • Uses anti-abrasion plastic wheels to avoid static electricity.

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