Guy Cotten Isoder Short Raincoat

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The short ISODER raincoat by GUY COTTEN offers you a high level of protection and comfort.

 *Sizes are those suggested by our supplier.

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    Product No. Color Size Height Weight
    VEIMPISODERSV Green Small* 1.60 m - 1.70 m
    5.3' - 5.6'
    55 - 65 kg
    121 lb - 143 lb
    VEIMPISODERMV Green Medium* 1.65 m - 1.75 m
    5.5' - 5.9'
    65 - 75 kg
    143 lb - 165 lb
    VEIMPISODERLV Green Large* 1.75 m - 1.85 m
    5.9' - 6.1'
    70 - 85 kg
    154 lb - 187 lb
    VEIMPISODER1XLV Green X-Large* 1.80 m - 1.90 m
    5.11' - 6.3'
    80 kg - 95 kg
    176 lb - 209 lb
    VEIMPISODER2XLV Green XX-Large* > 1.90 m
    > 6.3'
    > 95 kg
    > 209 lb

    The short ISODER raincoat benefits from two major innovations developed exclusively by GUY COTTEN.

    First; Isolatech is a patented system that masters condensation control all while staying dry on the inside. Inspired by a double glazing technique, Isolatech integrates thermal insulation in the shoulder, chest, upper back and stomach areas – these areas become so much less responsive to temperature differences thus reducing condensation in the garment.

    Second; The MAGIC hood allows you to turn your head with ease and permits you to have panoramic vision under any circumstance. Thanks to its flexible elastic adjustments, it allows for an unparalleled freedom of movement and opens a field of vision that is always clear. In addition, the hood does not allow water to enter at the sides of the face and it stays in place even in high winds. 

    The raincoat is made from a fabric called Glentex.Glentex is the most popular fabric for protective clothing such as raincoats.


    • Comfortable
    • Zipper plus extra flap over top with snaps to cover zipper
    • Double pockets with cover flap
    • Adjustable elastic cuffs

     *Sizes are those suggested by our supplier.

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