Chapin Drip Tape

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Product No. Diameter Wall Thickness Emitter Spacing Q-100 GPM
per 100' @
GOCH050400-75DLX 5/8" 8 mil 4" 1.00 gpm 7 500'
GOCH74-5100 5/8" 10 mil 4" 1.00 gpm 6 000'
GOCH74-5150 5/8" 10 mil 2" 2 gpm 6 000'

The Chapin drip irrigation pipe

The Chapin and Chapin Deluxe drip irrigation pipe is popular with greenhouse/nursery growers since there is closer spacing between drippers, i.e. 2" spacing specific to Chapin.The Chapin drip tape is used with several crops to reduce water consumption, improve crop quality and increase crop yields. Due to the durability of its material, it may be installed on the surface of the soil, under the plastic or underground.


Structure and features – Chapin Basic model

  • Extruded high quality polyethylene film ensures round sides, providing higher resistance to field abrasion and insect bites
  • Multiple inlet orifices ensure a continuous water flow to each dripper
  • Turbulent flow path design provides larger internal dimensions offering higher resistance to clogging
  • Largest selection of flow rates, wall thicknesses. fittings and accessories in the market
  • Slit design outlets resist root intrusion and soil ingestion
  • A low emitter exponent ensures less flow and pressure variation on steep slopes to help increase emission uniformity.


Deluxe Chapin Driptape

In addition to the basic model features, the Deluxe model has a continuous filtration channel (328 inlets per meter) that keeps debris away from the flow path and allows it to purge by flushing, ensuring high performance and extending the life of the tape.

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