Amnon CNL Drip Pipe

GOAM CNL1829-18

Amnon CNL drip pipe is perfect to irrigate the slopes and big areas as orchards, fields or greenhouses. An 18'' spacing separates each dripper inside the pipe.

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Emitter Spacing Diameter Flow Rate Length
18'' .710'' O.D. x .620'' I.D. 0.29 gph 1000'

The Amnon CNL drip pipe is perfect for the frequent irrigation of slopes and larges areas, i.e. orchards, fields and greenhouses. An 18’’ spacing separates each dripper inside the 1000 feet pipe.


  • Spacing between drippers: 18’’ 
  • Pipe length: 1000’ 
  • Flow: 0.29 gph
  • Pressure regulating range: 1.0 - 4.0 bar or 14.5 - 58 PSI
  • Opening pressure: 1.0 bar or 14.22 PSI
  • Closing pressure: 0.25 bar or 3.56 PPSI
  • Recommended filtration : 130 microns/120 mesh 


Features and benefits

  • High quality silicon diaphragm 
  • Turbulence through maze and fall technology (unique tooth design, double flow) triggering effective self-cleaning  
  • Extremely low coefficient of variation for more water distribution consistency 
  • Hydrodynamic design for continuous sediment discharge  
  • 3D water inlet structure that increases clogging resistance 
  • Dam structure that increases resistance to root intrusion and sand suction 
  • Anti-siphon 
  • Leak-proof and drainage-proof design to reduce filling time and facilitate simultaneous plant irrigation
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