Actimaïs Plastic Mulch Film


Actimaïs is a photo-thermo plastic mulch film that is easy to install and offers a good mechanical resistance compared to photodegradable plastic mulch films.

  • This plastic mulch film warms the soil more rapidly.
  • Accelerates root and plant growth.
  • Provides a better crop uniformity.
  • Actimaïs degrades with the following elements: sunlight, heat, mechanical stress, and contact with soil contact thanks to with the incorporation of a specific additive.

The photodegradable plastic mulch film is recommended for sweet corn and wax beans.

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As low as CAD$377.00
Product No. Size Thickness
PATR533110ACTI Choose this option 53'' x 10168'
(1.35 m x 3100 m)
.4 mil
(10 microns)
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